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Silicone Mixing Sticks, Resin Mixer, Mixing Stick, Epoxy Stirrer, Resin Tools, Resin Accessories, Reusable

You are looking at mixing sticks designed to be reused when mixing resin/epoxy. The sticks are 3D printed in plastic to allow for a stiffer stick to make stirring easier. The silicone surrounding the stick is the same quality of silicone used in my molds. Some features to be aware of are the straight sides and flat bottom. This is very key when mixing and scraping the sides and bottom of your cups to get everything thoroughly mixed.

These reusable mixing sticks will not last forever, but will last many many mixes! Resin should only touch the silicone part and not the stick portion. These mixing sticks are meant for smaller mixing of 3" deep resin and below, anything higher in your cup and you risk the resin curing onto the plastic (not the end of the world, but just something to look out for). The silicone part is 4" long and the overall length is 6.25".

CLEANING: These can easily be cleaned by pealing off cured resin, using tape, and also running under water and wiping off the resin bits with your finger.

Please note that this listing is for either a quantity of 1 stick or a quantity of multiple sticks together for a lower price. All items shown in this picture are to give you an idea of the size of the mixing stick and options of what it can be used for. The picture is NOT meant to show that you are purchasing everything in the picture.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Lenci's Resin Shoppe
Love these freaking things!!

Excellent idea and execution. They do what they're supposed to do!

Katie McT
Work great

I love these stir sticks so much, it definitely helps with bubbles, I normally use wooden sticks to stir and always ended up with bubble. I will definitely purchasing more!

Sara Tuck

Well made and excellent tool. I need about 20 more!

Melissa Villegas

They are the best they work perfect with the resin & they are super easy to clean

Brittany Burton
Best mixing sticks EVER

I absolutely LOVE them. I only bought one... and then I bought his mystery bundle and I have 3 now!!! I’m excited. They really mix the resin better than a wood stick too!