Standing Geode Agate Silicone Mold

This mold makes a standing geode agate. Can you imagine the beautiful and realistic designs you would be able to make with this. People will want this finished piece on their desk or as house decor. This piece measures 4" x 3" and is 1 1/4" thick. This mold will produce a high gloss piece on the top only. The back of this piece will have a matte finish. This mold has a couple brown spots on the inside of the mold from the natural geode piece. Please refer to picture. This will not effect your end product. The mold will show slight texture marks left by the natural crystal.

Please message us with any questions you may have regarding this mold.

**This listing is for the silicone mold ONLY. The geode shown in the picture is only to give you an idea of the finished piece.