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We offer the Doming Blocks in 2 sizes:

* Small block is 1/2" x 1/2" x 5/8"
* Large Block is 1 1/2" x 2" x 3/4"

You are looking at doming blocks designed to lift your art off your work surface! These blocks work perfectly for all my molds! When it comes to trays they sit perfectly on the underside and also are tall enough if you flip your tray over that it will still keep your piece elevated. These can be used for my coasters and also all my smaller molds! You can purchase as many as you'd like, WE HAVE TONS OF THESE!

These work great in tandem with my silicone mats! Please go check them out under the section "Tools and Organization"

CLEANING: These can easily be cleaned by peeling off cured resin, using tape, and also running under water and wiping off the resin bits with your finger.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
katie powell
Very useful!!

I love these doming blocks! They are very high quality and versatile for all my resin projects.

Victoria Zorn
Perfect Dome Accessory

These cubes have been very helpful when doming/glossing my resin pieces and has made the process so much easier. I very much recommend them for all the people that work with resin to get some of these if you dome. Very life changing product!!!

A maker's perfect helper

I would recommend buying LOTS of these doming blocks. They of course are easy to clean cured resin off of, so as long as you don't use an actual flame or a lot of heat on them, they should last a long time. Tony always makes high quality products. I say I recommend buying a bunch because even for a keychain I use at least 2 (just my preference), and I make lots of little pieces. This is solely my experience, but I really like using these over traditional doming mats for small to medium projects.

Emily Land
Dooming blocks

They are a big help on a silicone mat, so the resin can drip away! They are steady I started with 5 and realized I needed more! Love them!

Catherine Ladd

Works really well with the silicone tray